Hi darlings and happy Tuesday! First off, my heart goes out to all those affected by yesterday’s tragedy in Vegas. My heart aches. This world needs more love and Jesus. I pray over those hurting families that have lost loved ones. May our God pour  His love and grace over them. May they be comforted and healed during this difficult time. We need to pray for our nation, now more then ever! Hug your loved ones a little extra today. I love you all!

I am sharing something a little different with today, my experience with Micro-blading. So three years ago I had my eyebrows tattooed. Micro-blading wasn’t around then so I tried tattooing because growing up I had no eyebrows. My hair is naturally dark so you’d think I’d have some brows, but not me. I never had to pluck my eyebrows because I never had a shape. My morning struggle was sitting in front of the mirror trying to make a shape to my brows. I’m sure people knew what mood I was in by looking at the different eyebrow shapes on the daily! LOL It was also so time consuming.

The first time I got my eyebrows tattooed was by a lady I found on Yelp. She had great reviews so I thought I would give her a try. They turned out way too thin and I was disappointed, but there was nothing I could do. I reached out to another person and my experience was so much better. This lady did an amazing job by fixing my shape which went well with my face. The only thing was it wasn’t micro bladed, so I still had to color them in. Overtime they started fading and turning a grayish tint.

I didn’t touch my eyebrows for about a year and kept coloring them in every morning. I was reached out to by Sara www.tigerseyebrowstudio.com and we did a collaboration. She micro-bladed my eyebrows and made them look mazing! My eyebrows finally look natural and my experience with her was wonderful! The procedure took about 2 hours. First she made a shape with an eyebrow pencil and made sure I liked it. With each step she explained to me how it was going and what she was doing next. It did not hurt because she applied a numbing cream before she started. My experience was great and I was left with amazing brows! After my procedure, she told me how to care for them the following week. She gave me cream to apply on my brows for 7 days. After about 2 weeks they completely healed and now they are perfect! I can’t thank Sara enough! I go back in about 3 weeks for a touch up to see if she missed any spots and if I need more color added. Micro-blading usually lasts about a year, so you will need to get them re-done to keep them up.

If you are interested in booking with her, be sure to use the code TIGERSEYE to get $100 off!

I love sharing my beauty tips and things that have helped me along the way. I struggled with no eyebrows and now I don’t have to! My morning routines have changed as well because I don’t need to spend extra time shaping my brows. I couldn’t be happier with the end result, thanks to Sara! Thank you all for reading and following along! I love you all!

xoxo, Alena Gidenko

Here’s a little behind the scenes of my micro-blading procedure. PS: I talk a lot, so don’t mind my mouth moving the entire video. LOL



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