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Happy colorful Monday! If this outfit doesn’t bring a smile on your face because of how colorful it is then look again because it sure puts a smile on my face. I know its Monday and yes, the weekend flew by fast as it aways does but not to worry just think it will be here so soon. This weekend was pretty good for me. The hubby had to work pretty late Friday, so I ended up going to a blogger event at Inspyre Boutique here in Denver with a few friends. It was so fun seeing all the fall collections and just enjoying the company around me. I ended up leaving a bit early because I wasn’t feeling too good. I headed home and stayed in bed until Surge got home. I think I ate something that I was allergic to because I broke out in hives literally all over my body, it was such a scary experience. It was itching and burning it felt like my body was on fire. I jumped in the shower and took a cold bath and it relaxed me a bit. Of course Surge ran to the store and got me a ton of medicine to make it go away and it did work but I honestly don’t know what it was since I haven’t eaten anything different. Salads, shakes and meat. Nothing has changed, so I am a little worried I might be allergic to something I probably love so I guess we will have to find out. I am feeling better so crossing my fingers it doesn’t happen again. Saturday Surge and I had breakfast and walked around downtown Boulder because the weather was amazing. He went to our house to do some more work, so I went home and reorganized all my clothing and started taking out jackets and sweaters because I know cold days are near us. I am beyond sad for Summer to go away but its ok. I know it will be back and I get to play with layering so thats always fun. ❤️

Back to the outfit. I recently have been collaborating with so many fun and amazing companies. This whole outfit is from 3 different companies and I will let you know a little more about each of them.

The skirt and top is from Style Check – In . I have worked with them a few times and I just adore them. You basically pay $79 a month for a persanolized style assessment then you get 3 unique pieces of clothing per month. I love this idea and will be showing you 3 more looks from them very soon. ❤️

The stunning bracelet is from Bead For Life and its actually a necklace that I wrapped around my little wrist to make it a layered bracelet. I love this company and what it stands for. The Beads to Business program provides smart and savvy women living in extreme poverty with an 18-month entrepreneurial training that gives them the skills and confidence to transform their lives through the creation of a self-sustaining business. Unlike a typical fair trade model, these women graduate from the program as independent business owners. While in the program, women increase their income by 7 to 10 times through the sale of their products, giving them the ability to nurture their own small business while saving money for their future. Bead For Life is there to coach and mentor them along the way, ensuring they don’t just have the money to support their dreams – they have the confidence and know-how to thrive. Things like this make my heart so happy and every time I wear a piece of necklace from them it gives me just the most amazing feeling. Head over to their page and see all of the fun creative pieces. I will link everything down below.

The next piece is this stunning pink fur vest is from ML Furs and they are local😍. I love this vest, the color, style and its perfect for Winter in Denver. I love how it just screams modaprints all over it with this fun color. I loved how all of these pieces looked together and I hope you enjoyed it. Thank you for reading and following along. 😘

Lots of love, Alena Gidenko

Shirt: ||here|| Skirt: ||here|| Vest: ||here|| Bracelet: ||here|| Shoes: ||here||


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  • Ashley
    September 29, 2015 at 3:35 am

    What brand is the lip print top?

    • alenagidenko
      September 29, 2015 at 3:38 am

      It’s from 😘